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Marg Services is One of the best and Leading service provider in India which providing Manpower Supply,HR services,Skill Development and training to its clients.


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Staffing challenges arise for various reasons like business growth, technology implementations, mergers and personal reasons. Contract staffing can help employers to bridge any gaps or shortfall by flexibly adding professionals on contract as and when they are needed. Ontime provides companies with that extra support or infuse critical knowledge into your organization at a time when it is needed. Ontime matches your staffing levels with your workload and project requirements. Our contract staff roles have changed regularly and their technical knowledge constantly grows from each role, due to exposure to different markets, different technical environments, and different user and system issues, therefore we have the best of knowledgeable staff under the Ontime roof.


Recruitment is only half the job done. As a part of our manpower staffing services we manage the joining formalities, induct talent, and prepare them for action at work.

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We are more than just a recruiting agency. Taking care of payments, PF,ESIC, Gratuity and other mandatory may be too much of an administration hassle. We handle that for you.We are one of the leading temporary staffing companies in India. Our contract staffing services help you fulfill the requirements of labour laws, minimum wages and other statutory compliance’s which can be difficult to keep up with.

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Ethics: We do the right things even when no one is watching us. Ethics is in everything we do to all our clients, partners & employees. Trust :-We are a company built on trust by our clients, partners and employees since our inception.

Integrity: We believe Integrity can take you to new heights. It's a commitment by every employee to be

honest at all times to all our clients.


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